Out of our Depths

Why did Shoal create Out of Our Depths?

Systems Engineering is what we do at Shoal – we are passionate about it and dedicated to advancing the field.  This means pushing ourselves today, but we understand that looking to the future is just as critical.    

Out of Our Depths was written so that we could engage with today’s young inquisitive minds and grow the future generation of Systems Engineers, a step towards fulfilling our Purpose to apply systems thinking to bring about positive change. The book aims to introduce a holistic approach to problem solving wrapped up in an entertaining and engaging story.  

What is the story about?  

Sadie and Jacob have won the opportunity of a lifetime – a chance to work in an underwater research station in the Coral Sea. Sadie dreams of becoming a world-famous systems thinker, and Jacob wants to save the planet with renewable technologies.  

They are lucky enough to witness the underwater turbine that powers the station being turned on for the first time – except when the switch is flicked, nothing happens. Sadie and Jacob are in a race against time to find out what – or who – broke the turbine. Because if they can’t fix it, their next breath could be their last. 

What are our readers saying?

Out of our Depths is a wonderful and adventurous tale that demonstrates how systems engineers draw on their understanding of how things work to get outcomes. Systems engineering is an exciting, rewarding and fun career and I believe passionately that systems thinking, systems analysis, systems design and systems engineering (which are all variants of a core theme), represent one of the most critically important skillsets and mindsets we need for the 21st Century. Congratulations on Shoal Group for helping to make systems engineering real to young people. I hope it helps encourage more students to consider engineering for their further study and career.”

Jane MacMaster, Chief Engineer, Engineers Australia

“Not even joking this book is so incredible. I learnt a lot while reading it, I couldn’t put it down. As every chapter brought something new and with the clock ticking down till the generator runs out it made me want to read faster.

I love how Sadie is very efficient and kind and gets the job done without being asked and although Jacob needs some guidance he is a sweet character. The way the settings and people where described gave me such a clear picture in my head.

My heart dropped when I found out who put them in danger.

It was very inspiring as a young reader to hear about kids around my age saving a group of people and a entire research facility.

I recommend reading this book it is absolutely amazing.”

Annika, 13, Melbourne

Kids enjoy reading about older teenagers and thinking about having adventures like them. I really enjoyed the underwater setting of Out of our Depths and the turbine technology was cool to imagine. Sadie and Jacob helped solve lots of problems and save people’s lives, and sometimes they had better ideas than the adults.

I liked how both Sadie and Jacob tell the story, it was a good way to see the different parts of the action and that made it stand out from other books for kids my age.

Will, 13, Canberra

Who is Hedy Strange?

The name Hedy Strange was inspired by inventor, actress, and film producer Hedy Lamarr (1914–2000). Hedy’s frequency-hopping invention, driven by her Systems Thinking, has allowed for the further innovations of secure communication systems from Wi-Fi to NASA’s systems that sent humans to the moon. 

Want a physical copy or the ebook?

Out of Our Depth can be purchased from Amazon in either the paperback or ebook format .  Head to this link if you’d like your own copy.

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