Navy – SEA 5000 – Future Frigate


SEA 5000 Phase 1 (Future Frigate) will introduce into service the next generation of naval surface combatants and is one of the Australian Defence’s largest projects with an estimated worth of over $35 billion. The project aims to deliver superior naval capability to the Australian Defence Force and is a key element of the continuous shipbuilding program. Shoal joined the project at its initiation to lead the Capability Design effort.


Shoal was engaged by Navy to develop a ‘System of Systems’ view of the Surface Combatant 2025-30 force and to then conduct the detailed Capability Design for the Future Frigate (as a key element of the Surface Combatant Force). The design effort involved understanding Navy’s strategic needs in the 2025-2030 timeframe, the complex operational context of the Surface Combatant Force and how the Future Frigate fits within that context. Shoal’s contribution to the Capability Design effort allowed the project to get through the Gate 1 process and subsequently Shoal has been involved in progressing the project to Gate 2 in 2018.