Graduate Program

Shoal’s Graduate Program is a tailored journey designed to provide a broad range of meaningful opportunities that develop competence, capability and confidence across a unique performance framework. Team in office

What’s different about Shoal’s Graduate Program is that it is based around learning ‘experiences’. Viewing learning opportunities as ‘experiences’ means we can maximise the learning potential. A learning ‘experience’ is one where you’re fully briefed in to a project, a client, the team, the technology before you commence the project work, undertake regular check-ins along the way and a debrief at the end.

Being Systems Engineers, we look at learning ‘experiences’ through multiple lenses, not just a technical lens. We consider project management, leadership, self -awareness etc. This means our Graduates develop into well-rounded professionals and have greater opportunity to identify what they really love about their work.

Our Graduate Program is an immersive journey across all our business units: Defence and Space, Transport and Infrastructure, and Blue Water.  This journey will see you working on a range of projects that develop your skills,  provide opportunities for you to learn and grow, and embed you into Shoal’s culture. Team at whiteboard

At Shoal, we know everyone is different, and we work to ensure each Graduate has a unique experience. Your Graduate Development Program will be supported by your Graduate Coach, who will work with you to tailor your experiences based on your developmental objectives and professional drivers.

Applications for our Graduate Program are open mid year. We look for graduates in the disciplines of engineering, computer science, physics, and mathematics.

We’re selective in our application process because we are looking for graduates to grow with us, and to help shape our ecosphere. Our graduates do amazing things at Shoal. Some of the fantastic work our graduates have done includes:

  • Design of an IVF training simulator
  • Leading a project to get the company certified Carbon Neutral
  • Supporting the development of novel satellite technology

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What we are looking for?

Shoal is seeking Graduates in the disciplines of engineering, computer science, physics, and mathematics who are interested in pursuing a career in modelling and simulation. We are investing in the future of modelling and simulation and will invest in the accelerated development of graduates into a long term career in this field.

Graduate Program overview

Our Graduate Program consists of four phases, each designed to provide you with structured rotations through business units, exposure to business operations, experience in the business development space, and mentoring.

Graduates 2022

  1. BOOST: During the Boost phase, Shoal will work with you to design your Graduate Development Program. You will be given exposure to our Business Units, learn about the Rhythm of Business (RoB), and get to know Shoal’s values (and how we apply them).
  2. FIRST STAGE BURN: The first stage burn will help propel you into the world of professional engineering, giving you agency to work on projects unsupervised. You will have the opportunity to contribute toward Business Development and get a deeper understanding of what we do. You will also gain exposure to how the business runs more broadly with designed in experiences in functions such as Quality Management and Security Management.
  3. SECOND STAGE BURN: The Second Stage Burn will allow you to take a deep-dive into technical projects, and work at the crux of creative problem solving. You will learn how to apply systems engineering to complex problem solving and be given the opportunity to lead segments of client and internal projects.
  4. FAIRING SEPARATION: In the final phase of your journey as a Graduate, you will gain experience leading client-facing projects and internal initiatives. You will have the option to work in our internal programs, such as the Engineering Leadership Team, and provide meaningful input to help shape and improve how we operate.

Following this, you (the payload!) will be deployed within a specific business unit in Shoal and progress your professional career from a solid foundation.

Throughout all four phases, you will be supported with mentorship and guidance from a dedicated Graduate Coach. Your Graduate Coach will work with you to refine the program  and design tailored experiences as you progress.

In general, each phase is about 6 months in duration, with the entire Graduate Program completed in approximately 2 years. Being based on ‘experiences’ and with a very tailored focus on the individual graduate development objectives, each graduate may move through the program at a different pace. Some may accelerate more quickly whilst others spend further time to hone their skills. We work in accordance with a unique graduate experiential framework which will be shared with you and constantly referred to in your development planning.


We advertise our Graduate positions on LinkedIn and our web site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Graduate Program?

Shoal’s Graduate Program is generally two years but may be modified to suit the candidate.

Do I have to be an Australian Citizen to apply?

Yes. Shoal works on defence projects, and our engineers need to be eligible for a security clearance with AGSVA, which requires Australian Citizenship.

Do I need to be in Adelaide to be part of the Graduate program?

Our Graduate Program is open to graduates willing to work in Adelaide or Canberra

Are start dates flexible?

Yes! We understand there are many things in life outside of work. Whether it’s a holiday, wedding, or you just want a break between finishing university and starting your career, we are flexible with start dates.

Where can I get more information?

For more information about our Graduate program, or for a confidential conversation about working at Shoal, contact our People & Culture team.