Aerospace Concepts gains US and Australian press exposure

As Aerospace Concepts continues to expand their presence in the United States, top-tier news organizations, including The Washington Post, GigaOm and the Australian Financial Review have taken note, publishing articles about Aerospace Concept’s expansion to the US market and partnership with Lockheed Martin.

Michael Brett, COO and US Engagement Lead, was interviewed by the three publications who were interested in learning more about Aerospace Concepts’ involvement with quantum computing, system engineering and previous work in the defence industry. Key quotes from Michael include:

On entering the US market…

“Our perception is that we have something to offer in the U.S. market — our skills in dealing with complex systems. We wanted to come to the U.S. and test our mettle against the best and see if we could build out our business in this market.” – The Washington Post

On the potential of quantum computing …

“There’s always going to be an element of human judgment involved in any assessment and understanding the context around it, but with the types of speeds and complexity of trades people are looking to do now to remain competitive . . . picking up tools like high-performance and quantum computing would help break through new approaches to doing the types of financial services we’re interested in. ” – Financial Review

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