Am i doing the right job and am i doing the job right?


We humans love to take on tasks, jumping in with gusto where we believe we can contribute and make a difference, or reluctantly when we doubt our ability or suitability for the task at hand. Interestingly, no matter the motivation (enthusiasm or reluctance), the outcomes of our efforts, do not necessarily correlate with our opening intentions, but are always dependent on getting right, the answer to two key questions: did we do the right task and did we do the task right.

This presentation will highlight how these two questions resonate all through our personal lives and professional careers. Every role we choose to take on, whether it be personal or professional in nature, comes with an associated set of tasks. Understanding and choosing the right role each time in the greater environmental context is key, as our chosen role then defines the tasks we, rightly or wrongly, assume responsibility for.

When we understand and make the right role related choice, we then take on the right tasks, while also allowing others to take on their associated right-tasks applicable to their responsibilities. The suitability of the outcomes of our efforts is then a function of our ability (competency) to perform the applicable tasks.

When we make the wrong choice of role, we inadvertently take on the wrong tasks, and no matter how competent we may be at performing the tasks, we (almost) always end up with dysfunctional outcomes, sometimes in the short term, but always in the longer term.

In this presentation during INCOSE 2021, Shoal’s Jawahar Bhalla explores through a systems lens, how do we know if we are taking on the right tasks or that tasks we take on are done right?