Before the flood – towards carbon neutral

Carbon Neutral

Our carbon neutral journey

Back in November 2019, a documentary called Before the flood inspired a robust discussion around responsibilities and actions we could take to make a positive impact on our environment during one of our regular Ideas Club sessions. Presented by National Geographic, the movie explores the threat of climate change. It follows actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, a United Nations Messenger of Peace, as he travels across five continents, witnessing the effects of climate change firsthand. He is accompanied by scientists, meets with political leaders, uncovers disinformation campaigns, and builds a thread of connectedness between humanity and our collective power to make a difference.

We asked ourselves:

  • What type of effect does Shoal have on the environment?
  • What could Shoal do to reduce its effects on the environment?
  • How could Shoal encourage others to be more aware and act upon the impact on the environment?
  • How can Shoal deliver on our mission to improve the world as a result of tackling the most complex problems?

So, we set off to investigate ways we could improve our environmental custodianship.

Climate Active certified Carbon Neutral

Across the office and around the lunch table, conversations grew around waste, pollution, climate change, climate initiatives, personal and professional responsibilities, alignment between personal and workplace values, and individual and collective actions we could take as Shoalers.

A team investigated how to measure our environmental impact, how it could be reduced and offset and what accreditations were respected. A business case presented to our Corporate Leadership, incentivised our whole team to move towards carbon neutral certification through Climate Active.

We have documented our journey towards accreditation in a series of blogs that we’ll publish here on our website and post on LinkedIn. We hope to inspire other companies to take actions and join similar initiatives.