Dr. Ray O. Johnson, Former Lockheed Martin Chief Technology Officer, takes new lead in the quantum computing revolution and joins QxBranch Board

Today QxBranch CEO Michael Brett announced that Dr. Ray O. Johnson (top), former Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of the Lockheed Martin Corporation, has joined the Board of the start-up quantum computing analytics company. Joining QxBranch marks Johnson’s first official commitment since retiring from Lockheed Martin in February after nine years at the corporation.

A visionary leader in technology and engineering who provided corporate leadership for a staff of more than 67,000 in his previous role at Lockheed Martin, Johnson has forged a career as an adept innovator of advanced technologies like stealth, autonomy and robotics, and directed energy. His move to QxBranch — a company pioneering the commercial application of advancements in quantum computing — comes amidst a flurry of recent quantum computing breakthroughs.

“Quantum information technology is the next great leap in computing capability,” said Johnson. “Harnessing its power will allow us to solve intensely hard analytics problems.

Right now, the market need for complex data analytics is among the fastest growing in the economy, reflecting the increasing value of analytic results and the corresponding rapid rate of innovation. QxBranch’s deep technical expertise and creative approach position the company for growth in this environment.

“QxBranch’s leadership has charted an impressive commercial path, and its engineers have demonstrated a sophisticated ability to deliver results on new and existing technology platforms. I am excited about driving the growth of the company as a board member.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Johnson to our team,” said Brett. “He brings deep insight into the underlying technology, the strategic needs of our customers and research partners, and relationships at the top level of corporations and governments globally. Having access to the world’s leading quantum computing technology has already given QxBranch an edge, but Dr Johnson’s contributions will accelerate our vision to be one of the leading analytics companies in the world”