How do systems engineers deliver the most ‘bang for your buck’?

Digital engineering

In an ideal world, we would have all the time and resources we need to analyse, define, deliver and commission engineered systems. The reality is that we are always working within certain constraints; be they time, money, technological, human, design or environmental. As this is the case, in which areas of the process should we focus our efforts? Where will we find the most ‘bang for our buck’?

Two of our team, Stephen Cook and Shaun Wilson, will answer this question at this month’s 29TH Annual INCOSE International Symposium (INCOSE IS). Held annually, the Symposium attracts systems engineering practitioners from around the world, including experts from firms like Shoal, as well as professionals from government and industry, educators and researchers.

Also featuring in the conference program is Shoal’s Chief Engineer, Kevin Robinson. Kevin has been involved with INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering) for many years, at one stage chairing their Model-Based Conceptual Design Working Group. More recently, he contributes to the FuSE (Future of Systems Engineering) initiative for INCOSE, which considers emerging environmental, solution and technologically driven challenges for the systems engineering profession, to establish the future purpose, goals and scope of the future systems engineering community. He will be sharing insights on a panel discussing the future of systems engineering and the transformative nature of the profession. He is also presenting a paper, in cooperation with David Flanigan (The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory), on Exploring the Test and Evaluation Space using Model Based Conceptual Design (MBCD) Techniques.

This year’s Symposium will be held in Florida. You can find out more information on their website.