Model-based capability in fire and emergency services

The Government of Western Australia’s Department of Fire & Emergency Services (DFES), identified in the publication “New Beginnings 2024” that:

 “A major focus for DFES in 2012/13 is to design a capability model that addresses risk and vulnerability at the local level, whilst acknowledging the need to optimise our available resources. Maximising the potential for resource sharing and interagency cooperation is fundamental to achieving the best outcomes for the community.”

Since 2013, Shoal has partnered with DFES to support the continued development of this capability model and corresponding capability framework. The model and framework were developed using frameworks proven by Shoal on past Defence and Aerospace projects. The framework’s processes, modelling tools and support structure provide:

  • an effects-based justification for capability and systems, rather than asset-based management;
  • a development approach for business requirements traceable to government regulation, community expectation and strategic intent;
  • development of systems solutions that meet operational objectives;
  • defensible support and justification to capability decisions; and
  • reporting and communication ability to inform government and project stakeholders of approaches and decisions made.

Shoal provided DFES with capability development processes, a capability modelling structure, a glossary to provide common communication, and integrated capability models using state-of-the-art systems modelling in Vitech’s GENESYS™ tool. In the years since delivery, Shoal has worked closely with DFES to further populate the descriptive models covering much of DFES capabilities, operations and systems.