Quantum computing

QxBranch is our quantum computing software and services company founded by Shoal and formed out of a World-unique research collaboration agreement with Lockheed Martin. Announced in May 2014, the agreement initiated the development of software, applications, and applied research to accelerate the adoption of quantum computing on Lockheed’s D-Wave Two quantum computer.

“We saw in Shoal (formerly Aerospace Concepts) the technological expertise and systems engineering discipline, combined with creative, savvy and innovative ferocity, required to quickly grasp the power of quantum computing and deliver on the technology for our next-generation platforms ”

— Dr Ned Allen – Chief Scientist, Lockheed Martin.

Now headquartered in Washington, DC, QxBranch takes its beginnings at Shoal to a new level, by working to identify and develop new, game-changing applications enabled by quantum computing.