Uniting Australian industry for JP9102

Marking a milestone in the progress of the JP9102 Australian Defence Satellite Communication System, Lockheed Martin Australia has submitted its proposal to Defence, bringing together a host of leading Australian SMEs and service providers.

Shoal is a part of the Lockheed Martin Australian JP9102 team bringing our vast experience across many of Defence’s biggest and most complex capability acquisition and sustainment projects. Our capability in systems design will provide critical expertise to Lockheed Martin Australia’s JP9102 solution throughout each stage of the project.

Shaun Wilson, Founder and Head of Business Development at Shoal Group shares more on what systems design brings to JP9102. “Our partnership with Lockheed Martin Australia reflects the trust, respect and complementary skillsets that our companies bring to the table needed on a project of this scale and importance. It builds on a legacy of successful multi-domain cooperation in everything from undersea warfare to Integrated Air and Missile Defence and now space-based communications.”

JP9102 is set to provide an independent and sovereign communications network and an enhanced space control program to significantly enhance military capability. The sovereign military satellite communications (MILSATCOM) system will address Australia’s legacy network that relies on SATCOM provided by international allies and commercial companies.

David Ball, regional director for space at Lockheed Martin Australia commented, “From the beginning of this campaign, Lockheed Martin maximised Australia’s in-country space capabilities for JP9102. The space industry here brings a vast, diverse network of capabilities, and we’re already seeing two-way transfers of skills, know-how and technology. Spearheaded by Lockheed Martin’s unparalleled heritage in resilient MILSATCOM, our JP9102 team stands united and ready to deliver.”

Pictured, the LMA team with Australian SMEs and team members including Av-Comm, Calytrix Technologies, Clearbox Systems, Conscia, DXC, EM Solutions, Linfox, Shoal Group, STEM Punks and Ronson Gears.

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Partnering announcement – Shoal joins Lockheed Martin JP9102 team.

Pictured above, LMA’s David Ball and Julia Dickinson with Shoal’s Shaun Wilson.