Using Systems Thinking to Add Value in these Uncertain Times


The impact of the pandemic, climate change and global pollution are impossible to ignore. The buffers of time and space that our planet provides have been depleted so we are seeing the emergent effects in global crises.

There is a growing need to focus not just on symptoms, but on underlying patterns, architectures and root causes; to understand mental models that drive these and thereby mitigate the dangers from unintended consequences and turn crises into opportunities.

Systemic frameworks have evolved heuristically, that is we use mental shortcuts to help us make sense of such complex problems.

When heuristics is placed in the context of the whole, the systems science framework gives deeper meaning.

INCOSE, in collaboration with The International Society for Systems Sciences has been working to create a holistic framework for systems science. Its purpose is to provide a means to organise the pursuit and practice of systems concepts and principles as a learning system.

This interactive session will explore the merging of our heuristics and the framework across a “7-questions” construct, with the aim of producing greater fidelity and performance from the collective contributions of participants towards advancing the understanding and practice of systemic concepts and the discipline of systems engineering.

The ultimate aim being to stimulate global collaborative actions that will modify behaviours and enable us to learn to mitigate the dangers – even to turn crisis into opportunity.