Vitech webinar – Responding to Fire and Emergency Services with Model-Based Capability

Rural fire

Michael Brett, Aerospace Concepts’ Chief Operating Officer, today delivered a one-hour live webinar from Washington DC on the company’s recent work in developing Capability Frameworks for Fire and Emergency Services. The webinar was hosted by Vitech Corporation as part of their long-running series the use of Model Based Systems Engineering in industry.

This webinar is now available to view via YouTube  and adds detail around the following abstract:

“Natural disasters and emergency incidents in Australia’s largest state are handled by Western Australia’s Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES). Delivering effective emergency services requires the synchronized effects of a number of elements which must be integrated into a coordinated operational environment. DFES has recently undertaken a program to implement model-based techniques to support acquisition, management, and organization of the department’s capabilities. Vitech’s CORE is currently at the heart of this effort and its future is grounded in Vitech’s GENESYS. In this webinar, the benefits and challenges of using this approach for the first time in this critical new application area will be discussed.”

Aerospace Concepts has recently established a presence in the US and is working with its partners to bring the company’s expertise and experience to the US market.

For further information on the application of Model-Based Systems Engineering concepts or how Aerospace Concepts adds value to the emergency services sector, please contact [email protected]