Capability Design

Shoal is an industry leader in the capability design and analysis of large-scale complex systems, using model-based systems engineering. We focus on understanding the whole system and specialise in problem-defining and problem-solving. Using a fully-traceable and iterative process, this means we help our clients:

  • articulate strategic aims and business goals
  • understand the operational environment and the complex interrelations to meet stakeholder objectives
  • understand and document operational needs, constraints and priorities
  • capture and translate the problem space into a basis for generating alternative solutions
  • produce well-considered solutions from conceptual design through to system development and integration
  • validate that proposed solutions address the problem and meet strategic & operational needs.

Our capability design approach is based on well understood principles and international best practice, which are applicable to large and complex socio-technical problems, in a range of industries and domains. These include:

  • aerospace
  • business / corporation operations and processes
  • defence
  • emergency services
  • energy
  • health care
  • intelligent infrastructure
  • transportation.