Shaun Wilson - Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Shaun Wilson

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Shaun is Shoal’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder, working closely with clients to scope projects and new opportunities. He has led a range of technology initiatives including development of the first in-service Unmanned Aerial System for the Australian Army, early development of broadband communications capability for Antarctica using small satellites (Antarctic Broadband) , and practical implementation of model-based design approaches for large, complex military systems (since used for major defence programs). Growing ideas into businesses, Shaun has ‘spun out’ a number of businesses from Shoal, including a US-based quantum computing and data analytics firm, since acquired by Rigetti Computing. Also a practicing systems engineer, Shaun experience spans from aerospace and defence to mining, leisure sports and data analytics. Shaun sits on a range of company boards, holds multiple degrees, and is published in several technical fields.

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