A day in the life of a Shoaler – Michael

A day in the life - Michael

As a complex systems design company, we use Systems Engineering combined with Modelling, Simulation and Analysis to help our clients define, analyse, decide, optimise, and deliver technology-intensive projects in complex environments across Defence, Space, Transport and Infrastructure (including new energy). But what does this mean on a daily basis? What does a Shoal team member (Shoaler) do in a day’s work?

When we speak with potential candidates – especially those earlier on in their careers – they want to learn more about daily life at Shoal. Things like:

  • How does a Systems Engineer or Modelling & Simulation Analyst structure their day?
  • How do they work with their manager or team?
  • If technical support is needed, how do they access it?
  • What does mentoring look like?

In this series, our Shoalers provide insight into their day at work to answer the question: “What’s a day in the life at Shoal?”

Meet Michael

Michael is a Graduate Modelling and Simulation Analyst. Having completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Science majoring in Chemistry and Physics, he has experience in a variety of areas such as experimental & theoretical physics as well as programming, with languages such as LABVIEW & Python. Whilst at Shoal, he has continued his development with electromagnetic modelling and physics informed simulations.

Day in the life - Michael

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