Climate Active Certified

In 2021, Shoal became the first systems engineering firm to be certified Carbon Neutral by Climate Active, joining 180 Australian organisations that have proven that they are measuring, reducing and offsetting their emissions, with a net result of zero emissions.

Our journey towards certification began in 2019, inspired by our team’s discussion at an Ideas Club session. By 2020, we had measured our carbon footprint and were well on our way to gain certification through Climate Active. Today, our journey continues, with ideas and accountabilities to ensure that we incorporate consideration of our impact on the environment into our decision making.

We have made choices and changes in the way we do business to reduce our carbon emissions as much as possible. We then purchase carbon offsets to take responsibility for our unavoidable emissions and become carbon neutral. We drew from our company values to select our offset projects; self-awareness and sociability.

At Shoal, self-awareness means developing ourselves and each other. Sociability involves connection, building relationships and engaging with the community.

As we also operate across Australia and New Zealand, we chose an offset project that involves climate action in both countries.

Shoal invest in offset projects where benefits extend beyond offset of carbon emissions, to reflect our values:

1. CECIC HKC Gansu Changma Wind Power project, Greenfleet

Greenfleet is an organisation that protect the environment and climate through reforestation activities in Australia and New Zealand. While Greenfleet is focused on environmental outcomes, they also have additional community benefits including job creation, community engagement and biodiversity and endangered species protection.

2. Tiwi Islands, NT, Aboriginal Savanna Burning Project, The Aboriginal Carbon Foundation

The Aboriginal Carbon Foundation is a not for profit that connects Aboriginal communities with organisations seeking offsets. They provide training for Indigenous rangers and support traditional land management. They deliver many core benefits including social, cultural, environmental, political, economic and community health.

Shoal has a climate-conscious workforce, who are personally motivated to take action on environmental issues and enabled in the workplace to do the same. Carbon neutral certification is an important driver of workplace satisfaction and engagement, as well as another differentiator for new recruits. Some of the markets we operate in require evidence of environmental credentials, so accreditation has commercial benefits too.

Read more in our Public Disclosure Summary FY2020.Offsets are more than just carbon