Job Opportunities

Positions available

At Shoal, you have the opportunity to work with experts in the field of Digital Engineering and systems thinking​. We offer you a personalised professional development framework that allows you to innovate and showcase your ideas within Shoal and at conferences​, and you can:

  • Work where you need to, when you need to – Shoaler’s are trusted to get the job done​
  • Be exposed to projects that get you out of bed everyday​
  • Work in a safe and supportive environment where boldness and risk taking is encouraged​
  • Be supported by a comprehensive health and wellbeing program for you and your family​
  • Join our social events from Mario Kart racing to our netball team to virtual games​
  • When travel allows, attendance at our company retreat​

​If that sound’s like somewhere you would like to be, here are our current vacancies:

To learn more about employment opportunities at Shoal, send your CV to [email protected] and follow us on LinkedIn.