About Us

Shoal are leaders in systems thinking. We use it to help clients define, manage and deliver big projects in complex environments; the kinds of projects that you dream of, but then have nightmares trying to figure out.

We engineer solutions to support clients across Australia, New Zealand and the UK to develop new capability, introduce new technology or seek a better way to manage your assets and resources. These projects often have lots of moving pieces that are interrelated and technically challenging, so we use a rigorous, complex systems engineering approach, based on best practices gleaned from around the world (amongst which are our own). When we do this, all the pieces of the system come together to enable our clients to make better decisions, manage resources, adapt, avoid risks and achieve objectives.

At Shoal, we dream of being able to apply systems thinking to bring about positive change and it’s at the heart of everything we do. This vision inspires us every day and drives our ambition as leaders in systems thinking.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision is underpinned by our mission and values. Each of these works to support our client relationships, partners and technical leadership.

Purpose, mission, vision and values for Shoal

Our approach

At Shoal, we don’t just apply systems thinking to your projects, we apply it to the way we run our business too. We invest in our people, processes and tools to build their knowledge, our systems and capability to deliver benefit to you, our clients.

Approach Culture

Our industry and profession

Two of our values, being ‘self-aware’ and ‘bold’, drive support of our industry and profession. As Shoalers, being ‘self-aware’ involves an understanding of what we are good at and taking action to develop ourselves and each other. Behind ‘bold’ is a desire to enrich thought leadership in systems thinking.

Our career development framework supports personal development and our involvement in industry bodies across our profession and key sectors. We sponsor and host events, and encourage our team to contribute to the profession through volunteering with professional organisations and educational institutions, participating in R&D and contributing to the technical body of literature, resources and modelling around systems thinking.

Amongst the organisations that Shoal or our team have been involved with are: INCOSE, SESA, Engineers Australia, CEDA, SmartSat CRC, Australian Youth Aerospace Association, Australian Universities Rocket Competition, International Astronautical Federation, RTAA, ANU Engineering Students Association, MODSIM, RTSA.