Decision Support Analytics

Our Decision Support Analytics is internationally recognised and a core area of our digital engineering capability. To master our trade, we undertake research and explore new approaches, partnering with both research organisations and clients to develop and prove new tools and techniques in modelling, simulation and analysis. This enables us to deliver world leading expertise that assists our clients to explore probability, performance, scenarios and outcomes of complex systems, tactics and activities. It enables our clients to test complex systems and concepts – without risk to the project, assets, infrastructure and, importantly, human life.

As cyber-physical systems begin to dominate, and capability complexity increases, traditional approaches to concept development no longer suffice. Our approach to concept and physics-based mathematical modelling and digital engineering enables evidence-based decision making for new business processes, new capabilities, tolerances, deficiencies, constraints and performance requirements. In doing so, we enhance and assist the ability to design and develop the complex cyber-physical capabilities you need.

Your challenges

Our solutions

Introducing new capability or systems into an existing capability architecture Performing operational analysis or performance prediction studies to deliver the evidence to find the best path or to understand deficiencies and implications of a particular solution or objective
Testing real world systems, that can’t easily be safely tested, including aerospace vehicles and weapons Developing validated physics based mathematical models that emulate real world systems and processes that can be used in live, virtual or constructive simulations
Gathering intelligence and outcome scenarios from testing real world systems Capturing the data delivered from the simulation of physics based mathematical models for evidence-based decision making
Understanding the risk to the general public, mission essential personnel and critical assets in launch testing scenarios Designing and developing probabilistic range safety solutions to enable flight safety analysis for defence and commercial applications
Compliance with the Space launch regulatory framework, including the Flight Safety Code, under the Space (Launches and Returns) Act 2018 High-fidelity space systems modelling and performance predictions to provide space system decision support analytics and evidence base generation for safety and Code compliance
Establishing an enduring MS&A capability to evolve and deliver models and analytical outcomes Undertaking the capability analysis of existing systems, develop a strategy and leverage Shoal’s combined experience of over 100 years of aerospace system MS&A to implement a solution.
Maintenance of a leading-edge mindset Injecting expertise to complement your long term or ongoing programs

Industry leadership

Shoal has been at the forefront of advancing the body of knowledge in Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). This digital transformation that Shoal has led nationally and supported internationally, has delivered a more superior return on investment than traditional unstructured and document-based approaches still unfortunately found on some projects.

Shoal, through our leadership role, has a demonstrated the advancement of MBSE through publications, initiating and chaired Australia’s first annual MBSE Symposium, formed and chaired INCOSE’s Model-Based Conceptual Design Working Group, and has made significant contributions to INCOSE’s Systems Engineering Handbook and related standards. Our staff are recognised for these efforts with INCOSE’s awards, fellowships and keynote addresses to INCOSE’s international symposium.


Across the defence sector, in Australia and abroad, we provide systems engineering support to programs in government and industry that is internationally recognised. This includes digital engineering, to provide the digital thread from Defence strategy to detailed capability design; modelling and simulation of Defence systems, to provide analytics for evidence based decision making; and digital transformation, to enhance industry’s ability to design and develop the complex cyber-physical capabilities Defence needs.

Our expertise:

  • Aerospace systems, including weapons and rocket systems, modelling, simulation and analysis
  • Probabilistic and physics based modelling of aerospace systems for fight safety
  • Early lifecycle systems engineering
  • Model Based Systems Engineering
  • Creating the digital thread from strategy to systems design
  • Digital transformation of systems engineering


With space often pitched as the ‘new frontier’, it’s unusual to find a support partner who has over two decades of experience like we do at Shoal. We have been enabling Australian space launches, researching international approaches, exploring opportunities, and revolutionising the digital transformation in space systems engineering since our company was founded in 2001. From designing a nano-sat based high-quality communications service for the Antarctic Broadband program, to ensuring the JAXA Hayabusa Spacecraft returned to earth safely, Shoal has broad and deep coverage in the Australian Space sector and is a significant sovereign asset.

Our expertise:

  • Space system capability design and realisation
  • Space systems decision support analytics and evidence base generation
  • High-fidelity space systems modelling and performance predictions
  • Revolutionising digital transformation in Space Systems Engineering
  • Accelerating careers of next generation Space System Engineers.