At Shoal we’re a group of people who think differently. We are systems thinkers, engineers and analysts – a group of people swimming toward our shared goal.

Rise above the tide

Our people seek to understand ‘how does it work?’ and ‘what if?’ when others simply accept. We delight in solving challenges and simplifying the complex. We are a curious bunch, we like to ‘get in and understand’, to test, to iterate, to evaluate, to make things easier and decisions better. Our thirst for learning and understanding drives the people we are at work and at home. We value the dreamers, and the curious. Shoal is where ideas become inventions, dreams turn into designs and concepts lead to creations.

Current opportunities

Find out what positions are available at Shoal. Come and try the water!

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ShoalGrad is a two year program, with a focus on supporting graduates to explore and experience a range of project work, taking their thirst for learning to the next level. We look for curious, motivated graduates who want to make a difference. Our goal is to offer a career defining experience, laying the groundwork to excel. More on our ShoalGrad program.

Internship Program

The Shoal Internship program offers a 12 week, paid internship for two undergraduate, STEM students to join our team in Adelaide – a great way to dip your toes into the engineering waters. More on our Interns Program.

Why work at Shoal?

Our work is more than just a job. We work hard and play hard. We understand your need to thrive and achieve your full potential. We enable you to do this with a range of benefits, including work from home options.

At Shoal, we focus on the capability of our people, offering leadership and technical professional development opportunities and the mentorship of those who are seen as the best in their field. The career of a systems engineer is broad and varied, so take a look at the experiences of Shoalers at different stages of their career in this interview series by the Australian Youth Aerospace Association. Watch ‘Systems Engineering as a Career’ Part 1 and Part 2.

Our work environment is one of collaboration and challenge, we like to bring out the best in each other by encouraging boldness in our thinking and courage in our risk-taking. We see failure as a part of success and we have your back 100%. More on Life in the Shoal.