Submission to the Defence Strategic Review

Defence Strategic Review

Shoal’s submission to the Defence Strategic Review was written by our Head of Strategy, Graeme Dunk. He structured it around two separate foci of the Australian defence industry, being economic activity and contribution to Australian exports, and national resilience and security. He also discussed Australia’s two key strategic challenges, one threat-facing and one related to equipment supply and resupply in a time of crisis.

Graeme says that Australia is facing a more challenging geo-strategic environment than at any time since World War II.

“Areas of global tension are coming closer to the Australian mainland, and to our offshore territories and interests,” he says. “The ability of the ADF to respond to these challenges is limited as we do not have quantitative advantage, and technological superiority is not guaranteed. A different approach to that currently being pursued is required, an approach that is focused on the development of asymmetric capabilities and believable deterrence.”

Shoal Group Pty Ltd included ten recommendations in the submission, with the primary one being:

“That the Australian Government declare a definitive link between domestic manufacturing and national strategy, and take positive steps to rebuild the domestic manufacturing base such that it augments and supports the development and sustainment of the defence effort.”

The Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon Anthony Albanese MP, announced the intent to conduct a Defence Strategic Review in August and submissions closed 30 October. The aim of the review was to better understand how we can invest in the Australian Defence Force to meet national security challenges to 2033 and beyond.

The submission is confidential; however, you are welcome to connect with Graeme on LinkedIn to enquire about his recommendations. In addition to his role at Shoal, Graeme is Senior Fellow in the Practice Defence Industry Policy at the Australian National University.