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Defence Case Study - JP2089 Tactical Data Links

Pacific Aerospace Consulting (PAC) is the prime contractor supporting the JP2089 Phase 2A Initial Common Support Infrastructure (ICSI) for Tactical Data Links (TDL) delivered under the Multi-Tactical Data Link Network (MTN) Sub-Program.

The ultimate goal of the MTN Sub-Program is to provide a common architecture to support data exchange across Joint Force assets, infrastructure, and command and control, in a timely manner. This involves the transition from the current state of multiple formats and limited interoperability, to the future state where data is created, processed and shared seamlessly.

Project JP2089 Phase 2A has delivered ICSI which consist of a set of Fixed Systems and Deployable Systems that monitor and manage TDL information shared across Link 11 and Link 16. PAC required engineering assistance to support design changes to the ICSI.


Shoal’s approach was to embed a point of contact in the PAC engineering team whose responsibility was to:

  • Integrate the Shoal and PAC quality engineering processes
  • Refine the scope of work packages
  • Distribute the work to the wider Shoal team.

This approach was based on a study, ending in June 2019, that found that that although significant protocol differences exist, data forwarding from Variable Message Format (VMF) to TDL is achievable.


The implementation of the approach resulted in a re-baselining of the system configuration and resolution of the backlog of Engineering Change Proposals.

As a result of the completed engineering work, JP2089 Phase 2A has progressed to Final Operational Capability and hand over to sustainment, with reduced risk for future activities under the MTN Sub Program.