First Defence Science & Technology Group industry placement with Shoal concludes successfully

Launched by the Assistant Minister for Defence in February 2014, the Industry Placement Scheme aims to give Australian Defence Science and Technology Group (DST Group) scientists practical experience to improve Australian industries’ research and development potential. The Shoal team encompasses a wide range of backgrounds, skills and talents and so was thrilled to be the first company to welcome a DST Group researcher to their team.

Dr. Mark Bateup, a senior research engineer from the DST Group, has since fulfilled his two-year placement with Shoal as the company’s Aerospace Practice Lead. Revitalising the innovative Flight Safety Analysis capability and participating in a broad range of technical, management, commercial and academic achievements, Dr. Bateup has proven to be an invaluable member of the Shoal team.

When the initiative was first launched, Chief Defence Scientist Dr. Alex Zelinsky spoke of the value in expanding the career development of DST Group staff and improving research collaborations and engagement with industry partners. The placement has been a huge success for both Shoal and the DST Group with both organisations learning a great deal and benefiting from the shared experiences and insights that Shoal team members and Dr. Bateup brought to the partnership.

“Mark tackled a varied and challenging body of work with an ability to understand what was needed, proposing solutions and then capably implementing them,” said Shoal CEO, Shaun Wilson. “We have really appreciated the experience and insight he has brought from his extensive science and engineering career with the DST Group.”

Dr. Bateup returns to the DST Group as the University and SME Engagement Manager, a role that will continue to foster collaborations between the DST Group and industry leaders. Shoal continues in its active role as a DST Group industry partner with Garth De Visser, an Operations Research Analyst from the DST Group who joined Shoal last year for his own two-year placement.

Shoal and the DST Group are pleased with the success of both industry placements so far and look towards the continuing achievements it will garner for both organisations.