Meet a ShoalGrad – Amir Aryakia

ShoalGrad - Amir Aryakia

Your opportunity to meet one of our ShoalGrads. Amir Aryakia shared his story and thoughts about our program.

ShoalGrad year 2

“I chose Shoal’s Graduate Program because I really liked how the program structure was laid out for me when I first applied. The program offered many rotations within the wide range of Shoal’s offerings and business units. Namely defence, space, infrastructure & transport, and research (Blue Water). I really valued this level of exposure as I deemed it to be extremely important as a starting grad and the experience it enabled. Whilst variety has helped my technical breadth, the complexity these opportunities have provided thus far has really helped the depth of my technical knowledge as it continues to grow within Shoal.

Being a Graduate Engineer at Shoal, I have been able to partake in a big transport & infrastructure project as my first rotation. While the project has had some challenges and difficulties, the people I have worked closely with really made it for me. The environment Shoal offers is very supportive, and it feels like everyone has your back. In my short time I have been exposed to many different things and find the Shoal environment quite dynamic. I really like the diversity I am exposed to in Shoal and the complexity these various things offer. Being part of Shoal’s graduate program also means doing other things besides project work which for me meant conducting the FY23 Internship program as well as other leadership and managerial experiences such as supporting a work experience student. All these different experiences have helped me feel like a more rounded engineer and individual.”

Amir Aryakia
Graduate Engineer

ShoalGrad - Amir Aryakia

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