Meet a ShoalGrad – Thomas Larkin

ShoalGrad - Thomas Larkin

Your opportunity to meet one of our ShoalGrads. Thomas Larkin shared his story and thoughts about our program. He has graduated from ShoalGrad and pursuing his career as a Modelling and Simulation Engineer.

ShoalGrad alumni

“I chose Shoal’s Graduate Program because I wanted to work within a company that specialised in solving complex technical problems, promoted knowledge exchange and development across its employees and prioritised its social culture.

Being a Graduate Engineer at Shoal, I was offered the flexibility to align my skills and interests with the breadth of projects available. During my time as a Graduate, I used systems engineering to design a satellite communication system, acted as the client on an engineering capstone project at my old university (Australian National University), facilitated Shoal’s ‘Ideas Club’ and applied machine learning in an aerospace engineering project. These experiences were designed to expose me to the breadth of Shoal’s engineering program. Throughout this time, I was well supported by Shoal’s team of Graduate Coaches. They ensured that I felt less like a ‘resource’ to the company, and more like an individual with interests and learning objectives to meet.

I have since ‘graduated’ from Shoal’s Graduate Program, and reflecting on my experience, I am grateful for the opportunity to explore a breadth of learning experiences. I think it’s invaluable as an engineering professional to know what kinds of work you excel at and, conversely, what kinds of work you find less stimulating. At times, engineering work can be challenging and laborious – knowing how you can maximise your value-add and personal development in these circumstances is crucial.

I am currently continuing the aerospace modelling work that formed the final project rotation within my Graduate Program. I am able to work with intelligent, hard-working colleagues every day, and continuing to hone my problem-solving skills.”

Thomas Larkin
Modelling and Simulation Engineer

ShoalGrad - Thomas Larkin

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