Shoal delivers presentation on the ‘Need for Broad Enterprise Skills’ for the Future Workforce at Para Hills High School


On Wednesday (20 Jun), one of Shoal’s bright Graduate Engineers, Nikita Sardesai had the opportunity to present to year 9 students on “Using enterprise skills to further your career” as part of a 3-day entrepreneurship/career development program at Para Hills High School.

Just over 70 year 9 students were in attendance on Wednesday morning to hear from 3 business owners as well as Nikita about how STEM and enterprise skills are useful, regardless of industry. The event was run though Inspiring the Future Australia, and based on research by the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA), which investigates the nature of the future workforce (furthering research from CEDA), and presents trends highlighting the essential skills for students and early-career young professionals.

Other presenters included:

Nikita presented on the need for broad enterprise skills for the future workforce, with a focus on: problem solving, presentation skills, critical thinking, and digital literacy; and how these have personally assisted her. As pictured below, the demand for these skills has grown significantly in recent years. Students actively developing these skills at high school stand to gain a considerable advantage when applying for professional jobs out of school or university.

Taken from ‘The New Basics Update’ April 2016, Foundation for Young Australians

Shoal is proud to invest in the future Australian workforce though supporting events such as these.