The Challenges of Information Governance in a Cyber-Physical World

The December edition of The Governance of Things from Information Governance ANZ features an article by Shoal CEO, Shaun Wilson, entitled The Challenges of Information Governance in a Cyber-Physical World.

The article discusses the nature of information governance in a world where digital information and the physical world around us are increasingly connected. This growing ‘cyber-physical’ world of additive manufacturing (popularly known as ‘3D printing’), customised healthcare based on genetic makeup, driverless and connected personal vehicles, and fully-automated mass transportation systems optimised using complex data analytics, promises to bring great benefits to humanity but also carries myriad risks, many of them relating to information governance.

The term ‘information governance’ refers to activities and technologies that organisations employ to maximise the value of their information while minimising associated risks and costs. The main information governance challenge is the development and management of an effective framework that delivers value whilst minimising risk. This framework varies with industry sector and application; development methods align well with Shoal’s complex system design and engineering techniques.

Information Governance ANZ is an organisation that brings together professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds to develop and promote best practices of information governance principles and innovations. Shaun is a founding member of the Advisory Board