Welcome to Shoal


Today marks the day Aerospace Concepts transitions into a new future as Shoal.

Why the change?

For some time now, we’ve been looking at our business and our future – and during this process, one thing became clear: the name Aerospace Concepts no longer fully captures who we are, the work we do, nor whom we do it for.

And so, as we move into exciting new markets and build new pathways for our business, we’ve decided the time had come to create:

  • A new brand;
  • A new name; and
  • A new footprint for the future.

A name that more accurately and passionately reflects all that we are and all that we do.

Inspired by the complex behaviours of natural systems, Shoal is a metaphor for complex engineered systems, and also captures our organisation’s agility, strength and expertise.

Shoal (n) :

  1. A large number of people, animals or things that move together in the same direction semi-independently, in a constant state of coordinated adaptation.
  2. A complex, evolving and potentially risky area in a body of water where multiple systems meet, requiring skilled navigation and a deep understanding of the environment.
  3. A company of complex systems designers and engineers, focused on the early definition and architectural design of large, complex systems and organisational capabilities.

Shoal is a systems engineering company with teams of dedicated, passionate, high-calibre individuals based in Australia and the United States. Shoal is small, smart and agile. Shoal has an established reputation as problem solvers on a very large scale.