Conceptual Design for Resilience

INCOSE 2022 Symposium

At the 32nd Annual INCOSE International Symposium held in Detroit, and virtually, Shoals Kevin Robinson and David Flanigan of The John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory presented a paper on Conceptual Design for Resilience.

Using the example of a bushfire emergency response system, and specifically to the command and control (C2) systems, of the design concept of resilience, this paper extends the Model Based Conceptual Design (MBCD) approaches towards analysing the resilience designed into systems in the Concept Phase.

This paper explores the use of MBCD and its underlying framework to structure the modeling and analysis of C2 structures as they apply to various levels of severity in bushfire situations, and consider how designing for resilience can be  incorporated in the MBCD approach.

By analyzing the C2 aspect of a system, rather than the actual system performance, this paper looked at aspects for resilience improvement in terms of structure, organization, and information exchange.

Click here to read the paper and understand the suggested future studies and analysis that could be performed to further this study.