Dr Eric Honour and Shoal to host training course on Applied Test and Evaluation

Internship, lecture room

Dr Eric Honour, CSEP, INCOSE Fellow, and former INCOSE President, has been in international leadership of the engineering of systems for 20 years, part of a 45+ year career of complex systems development and operation.

Together with Shoal, Dr Eric Honour will conduct a three-day course on Applied Test & Evaluation which will be held on the 20 to 22 of November 2017 in Adelaide, South Australia.

Test and Evaluation (T&E) provide the means to ensure that a product performs in the intended way and with the intended results. Testing starts very early in a product system development, however, because test planning is dependent on good requirements.

This course teaches the details of test and evaluation from product concept through operations, with a view toward application in large system development.  It is highly practical, helping students to understand not only what must be done, but why it is necessary.  Students learn about a stakeholder view of test and evaluation, the use of requirements as the primary staypoint for verification, planning a test program in terms of strategy, plans, and procedures, the statistical analysis of a test prior to performing the test, the differences between integration testing and final testing, and how to conduct tests at different phases of product/system development, production and support.

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You should attend this course if you are interested in:

  • the roles of T&E in development and support;
  • the nine basic principles of testing;
  • a useful life-cycle model for T&E;
  • how to analyse product/system requirements into test requirements that satisfy stakeholders;
  • T&E development: strategy, plan, procedures;
  • test design and analysis; statistical methods;
  • system integration testing and how it differs from product/system final testing; and
  • test methods, test control, test results.

The Course is aimed at:

  • Test Engineers;
  • Design Engineers (any engineering discipline);
  • Systems Engineers; Project Engineers; Technical Team Leaders;
  • System Support Leaders;
  • Technical and Management Staff; and
  • Project Managers

For more information and to register your interest, please email [email protected], prior to 10 November 2017.