Dr Eric Honour and Shoal to host training course on Systems of Systems

Internship, lecture room

Dr Eric Honour, CSEP, INCOSE Fellow, and former INCOSE President, has been in international leadership of the engineering of systems for 20 years, part of a 45+ year career of complex systems development and operation.

Together with Shoal, Dr Eric Honour will conduct a two-day course on Complex Systems of Systems which will be held on the 27 and 28 of November 2017 in Melbourne, Victoria.

Complex Systems of Systems (SoS) are created through system networking in ways not available ten years ago. Systems engineers now have the responsibility to create systems of unprecedented scope and complexity.

The course will cover sound collaborative systems engineering processes to fit your system into complex systems of systems. Architectural design methods using patterns, heuristics and architectural frameworks will be introduced. Integration, collaboration and Test & Evaluation (T&E) methods to work with evolutionary development of enterprises will also be covered.

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The course includes sessions on:

  • System of systems challenges
  • Architecting solutions capabilities (engineering, frameworks, patterns)
  • Integration solutions (interfaces, coupling, COTS, legacy)
  • Collaboration solutions (control and coordination of large disjoint teams)
  • T&E solutions (operational testing, emergent behaviour, test responsibility)
  • Small groups work on parts of a smart highway SoS

You should attend this course if you are:

  • a leader or a key team member of a system operating within an SoS;
  • connecting your existing systems with other systems;
  • struggling with complexity and chaos issues that arise from your system environment; or
  • looking for practical methods to use today.

The Course is aimed at:

  • program managers;
  • project managers;
  • systems engineers;
  • technical team leaders;
  • logistic support leaders, and
  • others who participate in defining and developing complex systems.

For more information and to register your interest, please email [email protected] prior to 10 November 2017.