MBSE Symposium 2014 – Welcoming Dr David Harvey as the new Chair of the MBCD Working Group

SESA incose

On 27th & 28th October the MBSE Symposium 2014 was held in Canberra, focusing on the first three of the “Seven Samurai of Systems Engineering” an analogy for the seven different systems that must be acknowledged and understood by those who purport to do systems engineering.

Dr David Harvey, our Chief Systems Engineer, will be taking over as Chair of the Model-Based Conceptual Design (MBCD) Working Group, of which our Chief Operations Officer Michael Waite is currently Deputy Chair. Shaun Wilson, our Chief Executive Officer, and the President of SESA (the Australian arm of INCOSE) hosted the symposium as his first official engagement in his new role.

Olivier Flous, VP Engineering, Thales Group spoke about his company’s development of the Arcadia model-based environment, and the Capella tool, which uses Arcadia as its backing framework. Following the significant over runs of some major Thales projects, they took it upon themselves to improve their processes such that a similar event is much less likely to occur in the future. The Integrating Operational Concept Document (IOCD) was the topic of presentation for WGCDR James Badgery from CDG. As the layer below the Umbrella OCD, the IOCD is designed to help people understand the critical aspects when developing capabilities that need to integrate within a wider environment.

The 2015 Symposium will be held in Sydney.