Range Safety Template Toolkit at Airshow Avalon 2015

Avalon 2015

Assessing the risk of complex flight trials

The Range Safety Template Toolkit (RSTT) is a capability developed by DSTO and Shoal for the probabilistic flight-safety risk assessment of guided weapons, unmanned aerial systems and space vehicles.

RSTT determines the safe operational boundary for a complex flight trial and complies with international Range Safety Standards. This can save trial costs by reducing the size of the danger area compared to traditional ‘deterministic’ template generation methods.

RSTT has been used for safety assessment of a broad range of aerospace systems from across the Defence, civilian and research domains including the ASRAAM air-to-air missile, JASSM cruise missile, JDAM-ER long-range glide bomb, Javelin anti-armour missile, MU-90 torpedo, HIFiRE hypersonic test vehicles and the atmospheric re-entry of the Japanese ‘Hayabusa’ spacecraft.

DSTO has licensed the RSTT software to Shoal to allow engagement with commercial users in the domestic and international range safety community.

Shoal’s Dr Mark Bateup will be promoting the RSTT capabilities as part of the ‘DSTO Technology Pitchfest’ at the Avalon 2015 innovation showcase, where Mark will be giving a presentation at 2pm each day from Tuesday 24th to Thursday 26th February. When not presenting you can find out more about RSTT by visiting Mark at the DSTO stand, in exhibition hall #3, stand 3L28.