SCRAMSPACE – Australian Space Research Program (ASRP)

Aerospace Concepts congratulates Professor Russell Boyce and his team on preparing to launch their hypersonics research vehicle, SCRAMSPACE.

The project was recently featured on ABC TV’s Catalyst program – click here to view the feature online.

SCRAMSPACE is a 1.8m-long scramjet designed to operate at eight times the speed of sound. Professor Boyce is Chair of Hypersonics at the University of Queensland and will lead his team to the Andøya Rocket Range in Norway, 300km north of the Arctic Circle, in September this year to test SCRAMSPACE for the first time.

The SCAMSPACE project was funded under the Australian Space Research Program (ASRP), in the same round as Aerospace Concepts’ Antarctic Broadband project, in 2010. SCRAMSPACE is a marvellous success story from the ASRP.