Shoal congratulates Dr Matthew Tetlow on a successful SuSat launch

Shoal congratulates one of our alumni, Dr Matthew Tetlow, on the successful launch today of the University of Adelaide’s SuSAT nanosatellite. Dr Tetlow led a team of about fifty students and a dozen staff members to design and develop the nanosatellite.

SuSAT launched aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas-5 rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida to the International Space Station (ISS) ferried by Orbital ATK’s Cygnus cargo spacecraft.

The nanosatellite is one of 36 in the QB50 project that have been built to study the thermosphere to improve understanding of weather and climate. SuSAT will be released from the ISS in approximately one month.

In an article on ABC News, Dr Tetlow commented “we went into [the project] with the objective of developing skills and developing capability and knowledge … it’s a great feeling”.

Dr Tetlow is currently the CEO of Inovor Technologies and also the CTO and Founder of Fleet Space Technologies, a start-up space technology company that aims to offer global satellite connectivity for the Internet of Things. Fleet recently closed a $5 million capital raising.

Shoal has a proud history in the Australian space sector, including leading the Antarctic Broadband R&D Program and impact prediction of the Hayabusa asteroid explorer return to Earth in 2010, and is pleased to celebrate another success story in Australian endeavours as momentum builds leading into the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide in September, 2017.