Shoal re-engineers our future


Shoal is pleased to announce a new corporate structure that aligns our business to bring us closer to our customers. This changes the emphasis of our business from managing activities to focus on results and opportunities.

Shoal was founded in 2001 and has grown from a small unit of three people, into a diverse and distributed team of over 60 systems engineers, project managers and corporate services leaders across Australia. As we have evolved, we have developed capacity as market sector experts in Defence & Space and Transport & Infrastructure. To better align our business with our clients and continue our growth trajectory, we have re-engineered our internal business operations to comprise three, primary business units, Defence & Space, Transport & Infrastructure and Blue Water.

“This change is significant,” says Michael Waite, CEO. “We have designed our structure to be customer centric, positioning us to build market capability together. We will have greater flexibility to pursue new opportunities, with our clients at the heart of everything we do.”

Traditional engineering firms tend to have a corporate structure based around technical specialisations. This fosters the development of technical expertise but can also lead to technical isolation.

“Aligning with our markets means that we can develop a broad and deep understanding of market needs across our business. We can design solutions and develop expertise that solves their key problems now and, even more exciting, anticipate future needs,” he says.

As part of re-engineering the company’s reporting structure, Shoal has introduced a new business unit called Blue Water. This is Shoal’s innovation hub, where ideas will be transformed into commercial products and services, and novel business opportunities can be explored.

Shoal’s new Corporate Leadership Team includes:

  • Michael Waite, Chief Executive Officer
  • Shaun Wilson, Head of Business Development
  • Mel Ciplys, Head of People & Culture
  • Graeme Dunk, Head of Strategy
  • Kevin Robinson, Chief Engineer and Head of Blue Water
  • Matthew Wylie, Head of Defence & Space
  • Roy Unny, Head of Transport & Infrastructure.

A special congratulations to our new Corporate Leadership Team members, Matthew Wylie and Roy Unny.