ShoalGrad 24 applications now open

ShoalGrad 24 applications open

Applications are now open for ShoalGrad 2024, Shoal’s award winning graduate program. ShoalGrad is a two year, fully supported program, with a focus on supporting graduates to explore and experience a range of offerings.

“We aim to take a graduate’s curiosity and thirst for learning to the next level,” says Helen Abbott, Shoal’s Head of People and Culture. “Our goal is to offer graduates a career defining experience, laying the ground work for them to excel.”

ShoalGrad’s structure is based on five key developmental areas where graduates are supported to explore the application of systems engineering to client and corporate challenges. At the same time, Shoal provides a framework for personal, professional and technical development, embedded in our culture of learning and excellence.

“Everyone at Shoal genuinely want each other to succeed as individuals, as teams and as a whole company- it’s the people-centred culture that has been the highlight of my time at Shoal so far.”

Doan Nguyen, Graduate Engineer

“Being a Graduate Engineer at Shoal, I am completing modelling and simulation for a defence client. I have also attained a Systems Engineering qualification, am the chair of a Shoal working group on the future of engineering, and organise the Adelaide office’s social events. If you are proactive, you really do have the ability to tailor your experience to your interests.”

Henry Lourey, Graduate Engineer

“Overall, the people I have worked with and learned from through my time at Shoal have helped to build a solid foundation for the start of my career, and I feel very lucky to be able to be a part of the Shoal community.”

Sarah Whitehouse, Graduate Modelling and Simulation Analyst

“I chose Shoal’s Graduate Program because I wanted to work within a company that specialised in solving complex technical problems, promoted knowledge exchange and development across its employees and prioritised its social culture.”

Thomas Larkin, Modelling and Simulation Engineer, Completed Graduate Program

“Being part of Shoal’s graduate program also means doing other things besides project work which for me meant conducting the FY23 Internship program as well as other leadership and managerial experiences such as supporting a work experience student. All these different experiences have helped me feel like a more rounded engineer and individual.”

Amir Aryakia, Graduate Engineer

Applications close Find out more, and apply here.

Thanks to our current cohort of ShoalGrads for their feedback and contribution to our program and launch.