Shoal Group and Resource Unicorns Capital spearhead mine haulage decarbonisation efforts at Melbourne event

Electrification of mine to port haulage

Shoal Group and Resource Unicorns Capital, in collaboration with the Electric Vehicle Council, convened at the Melbourne Town Hall today to address decarbonisation and sustainability in the mining industry. The event, titled ‘The Road to Mining Sustainability: Accelerating Electrification in Mine to Port Haulage,’ drew attention from mining and resources stakeholders as the sector ramps up efforts to achieve Net-Zero emissions by 2050.

Decarbonisation and sustainability have emerged as a primary concern for mining CEOs, with ambitious targets set for CO2 emissions reductions. While innovative electrification projects have gained traction on mine sites, a substantial opportunity persists in decarbonising haulage operations from mine to port.

“Resource Unicorns Capital and Shoal Group have combined their expertise to focus on electrifying this crucial segment of the minerals supply chain,” says Shaun Wilson, Shoal Group CEO. “Our expertise in Digital Engineering means that we can use the digital environment to design, optimise, and de-risk solutions. This is a demonstrable pathway and opportunity for miners and others to electrify and decarbonise their product haulage towards net-zero goals.”

The emphasis on a whole-of-system approach underscores the importance of integrating electrification efforts seamlessly from mine to port. Through robust modelling and simulation techniques, stakeholders can analyse various solutions at low cost, identify risks and opportunities early, and optimise design for maximum efficiency.

The event featured insightful discussions covering key topics including:

  • Electrification and decarbonisation of haulage
  • Whole-of-system approach integrating energy infrastructure and haulage financing
  • Utilisation of Simulation & Modelling approaches to design and optimise solutions
  • Security and cybersecurity governance alongside robust data management practices.

In light of increasing regulatory scrutiny on data sovereignty and management, the event highlighted the imperative for robust cybersecurity governance to safeguard critical infrastructure sectors like mining and transportation. Addressing concerns around vehicle charging infrastructure, attendees also learned about emerging solutions such as battery swapping that offers trucks an efficient alternative for minimising downtime from recharging.

As the mining industry progresses towards a sustainable future, Resource Unicorns Capital and Shoal Group remain committed to driving transformative change. With a focus on electrification and decarbonisation, their joint solution offers a tangible pathway for stakeholders to align with environmental goals while ensuring operational efficiency and resilience.

To view the presentations from the event, click here.

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