Shoal presents at the Climate Smart Engineering Conference 2023

A systems approach to design for resilience

Systems Engineer, Thomas Jacquier, presented at Engineers Australia’s Climate Smart Engineering Conference in Melbourne today. The conference brings together 19 colleges and technical societies from Engineers Australia to share knowledge and discuss solutions to address climate change, responding to extreme events, biodiversity loss, boosting the circular economy and upholding the principles of sustainable practices in engineering.

Thomas’s presentation, ‘A systems approach to design for resilience’, shares recommendations on how to design for resilience from the unforeseen and compounding disruptions resulting from extreme and black swan events. His focus is on critical infrastructure, introducing a framework to diagnose points of intervention to increase community resilience and provide rigorous capability design, ensuring infrastructure projects meet current and future community needs. From his research, Thomas found that taking a systematic approach early in the project life cycle to understand interdependencies and the operating context, can provide insight into the effects of disruptions before they occur, helping to manage risks.

“We are very proud to have engineers that contribute to world-leading views and solutions to fight against climate change,” says Shaun Wilson, CEO of Shoal Group.

“As a systems thinker and leader of our Environmental Sustainability Working Group, Thomas’s professional expertise in systems engineering provides a lens by which to investigate and offer solutions to the climate crisis.”

At Shoal, Thomas has worked across rail infrastructure and defence sectors applying systems engineering expertise to solve complex problems. He has experience with high fidelity modelling and simulation, has led requirements elicitation workshops with senior project stakeholders, managed requirements through design review gates to ensure traceability, and supported the development of a model-based framework for asset management. He is Shoal’s Environment Officer, championing initiatives to improve Shoal’s sustainability, reduce emissions and increase environmental awareness. Leading with the philosophy ‘think globally, act locally’, Thomas has encouraged staff to get involved in local communities, with initiatives this year including a Systems thinking and volunteering day with The Forktree Project, a re-wilding initiative in South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula.

Read the presentationSystems Approach to Design for Resilience – Climate Smart Engineering 2023

This work continues the involvement of Shoal in addressing resilience at the national level – initially through our further research and work into designing for resilience, and followed by our article series of Reframing Our Future, and subsequently in submissions to various Government inquiries.

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