The evolution of a model-based asset management system framework

Critical Infrastructure Summit 2020

On Wednesday 16 September, Bradley Hocking presented at the Critical Infrastructure Summit 2020. This year, the Summit offers a five week, virtual program, each Wednesday afternoon. Experts share insights into the whole infrastructure lifecycle, across construction, asset management and disaster resilience, supporting viewers to stay informed about the latest tools, techniques and learnings available.

Brad’s presentation, ‘The evolution of a model-based asset management system framework’, looked at the inherent problems of managing infrastructure assets, largely centred around information and issues around information sharing, access, alignment of business objectives and processes, and a single source of truth for asset management planning. He then discussed an infocentric approach to resolving these problems, with Shoal’s Asset Management System Framework.

His presentation has been captured on video and is also available as a PDF – simply click on one of the links below:


Critical infrastructure youtube presentation

Presentation PDF

AM in Critical Infrastructure 2020 Presentation

The Evolution of a Model-Based Asset Management System Framework

Bradley Hocking is Asset Management Systems Lead at Shoal and was recognised as one of Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers by Engineers Australia, earlier this year. He is one of only 30 engineers in this exclusive listing, which recognises three leading engineers in each of the ten award categories. Brad’s achievement was for developing an innovative approach to ‘infocentric asset management’ (which features in this presentation). It is now delivered to Shoal clients across transport and infrastructure.

This year’s Summit is the sixth annual conference. On the afternoon that Brad presented, the session featured asset management specialists from Melbourne Water, Victorian Department of Transport, NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation, and SA Water.