A day in the life of a Shoaler – Ivy

A day in the life - Ivy

As a complex systems design company, we use Systems Engineering combined with Modelling, Simulation and Analysis to help our clients define, analyse, decide, optimise, and deliver technology-intensive projects in complex environments across Defence, Space, Transport and Infrastructure (including new energy). But what does this mean on a daily basis? What does a Shoal team member (Shoaler) do in a day’s work?

When we speak with potential candidates – especially those earlier on in their careers – they want to learn more about daily life at Shoal. Things like:

  • How does a Systems Engineer or Modelling & Simulation Analyst structure their day?
  • How do they work with their manager or team?
  • If technical support is needed, how do they access it?
  • What does mentoring look like?

In this series, our Shoalers provide insight into their day at work to answer the question: “What’s a day in the life at Shoal?”

Meet Ivy

Ivy is a Systems Engineer in our Complex Systems Engineering (CSE) team. She is a professional engineer with a qualification in mechanical engineering, and experience in applying systems engineering and system safety for system implementation and system integration and acceptance. As a Systems Engineer at Shoal, she supports clients distil complex issues and provides tangible solutions that help make the community more secure, safe and efficient.

Watch Ivy’s reel below and see what “a day in the life at Shoal” looks like for Amir, Michael and Henry too.