How much pizza will be consumed on Mars in the year 2100?

Pizza on Mars, Internship

Each year, Shoal Engineering runs an internship program where two applicants are selected based on a submission in response to a question. This year, our applicants were posed with a question that had no correct answer, but rather determined their way of thinking against complex problems which is one of the many qualities Shoal values in all employees.

How much pizza will be consumed on Mars in the year 2100? This was the question posed to the applicants of the 2018 Shoal Internship Program. They have detailed their experience at Shoal below.

“Whilst there was no way to determine the correct answer, it was our problem-solving approach that led to a broader understanding of the question and helped us stand out amongst the pool of applicants. In our 60 second application video, we explained, as a team, how different contributing factors on Mars would result in a total of zero pizzas consumed on the planet in 2100. It was important that we showcased our teamwork skills, as the unique partner application process would result in us working on a project together for the twelve-week University summer break (26 Nov 2018 – 1 March 2019).

The 2018 Shoal Internship Program has provided us with an opportunity to not only conduct an internal research project, but also learn vital project management skills and interact with people from different areas of the company. Our chosen project aimed to improve the communication of complex systems engineering models with stakeholders. The internship program has allowed us to enhance our research, coding and software development skills through the design of a web application for model and metamodel visualisation. Our professional skills have also been enhanced and put in to practice as we produced documentation and presentations of our findings and results.

We have also had the opportunity to contribute to other projects within different areas of Shoal, including transport and defence sectors where we provided support and guidance based on the knowledge and skills we had gained with our own project. Contributing to additional projects enabled us to diversify our experience and learning, whilst exposing us to different aspects of systems engineering.

The inclusive and welcoming culture within Shoal has made settling in to the company a smooth process. Being an Engineering Intern at Shoal is so much more than just working on projects. We organised weekly company meetings, interacted with stakeholders both internally and externally and participated in social activities including Shoal’s Christmas party. Our experience has not only added value to our own personal development, but also to the company itself. It is rewarding to work on a project which will continue to benefit the company long after our internship has concluded. Our experience at Shoal has provided us with a good foundation for the beginning of our professional lives as engineers and set us up for successful futures in the industries of our choosing.”

Shoal is thrilled with the outcome of the internship program and will continue offering this opportunity in the years to come.