QxBranch in The Washington Post!

Michael Brett and Ray O. Johnson featured in The Washington Post article titled ‘Can quantum computing change the world? This start-up is betting on it’ today.

The article gave a summary of the history between Shoal, formerly Aerospace Concepts, and Lockheed Martin before introducing QxBranch and then Ray as the newest member on the board of directors.

“QxBranch — a spinoff from Aerospace Concepts — was born out of that collaboration and develops and tests commercial applications for quantum computing. The company has Lockheed’s recently retired chief technology officer, Ray Johnson, on its board of directors.”

The remainder of the article made an attempt to explain the workings of quantum computers (with the help of a Richard Feynman quote and an explanation video), what commercially available quantum computers are around, and the types of problems that these systems are looking to solve.

“At QxBranch, Brett says he is confident that advances in quantum computing design are already paving the way for commercial applications. The company, which has four employees in Washington and 15 around the world, has raised capital from angel investors that it will spend to validate uses of quantum computing. A Series A financing round should follow at the end of the year, Brett said.”

Congratulations to QxBranch on the excellent exposure!