QxBranch and Shoal in the Australian Financial Review

Australia is at the forefront of a revolution in computing, according to an Australian Financial Review article which features Shoal R&D spin-out, QxBranch.

The race to create a quantum computer has captivated universities, major financial institutions and even Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’ stated the article, which noted the Prime Minister’s visit to QxBranch in Washington, DC earlier this year.


The quantum computing ecosystem is still in its earliest days and there is no doubt performance will continue to improve, both in the speed and range of problems we can solve, over time’ QxBranch CEO, Michael Brett, was quoted as saying. When asked about the benefits and challenges of using the only working quantum computing technology available today from D-Wave Systems in Canada to develop applications, he said ‘to get ahead of the curve, and maintain a competitive edge, requires starting now’.

We look forward to QxBranch continuing to push the boundaries of quantum computing and data analytics.