Shoal sponsors QxBranch reception in Adelaide

Last night Shoal sponsored a reception in Adelaide for our spin-out quantum computing software and services company, QxBranch.

We welcomed the QxBranch board, most of whom had travelled from overseas, along with the Washington, DC-based executive team and the Adelaide-based technical team. Our distinguished guests included Ms Leesa Vlahos, Member of State Parliament for the Electorate of Taylor and Parliamentary Secretary to the State Minister for Health.

QxBranch is an outgrowth of Shoal’s long-running company R&D program and is a result of an agreement struck last year with Lockheed Martin. We believe the next computing revolution will be launched through applied quantum science — enabling breakthrough solutions to complex optimization problems, faster. QxBranch and Shoal are at the forefront of developing transformative quantum computing-enabled applications in finance, aerospace, biotechnology, logistics, and energy.