Shoal announced as collaborative partner on Project CHORUS

Shoal is delighted to be announced as part of the collaborative team, from industry and academia, working on a high-risk, high-payoff satellite communications research venture called Project CHORUS. CHORUS, which stands for Compact Hybrid Optical-RF User Segment, will see a cross sector team integrating both laser-based optical and radio frequency communications technologies from a single satellite communications user terminal.

As a member of the SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre (SmartSat CRC), Shoal worked with Defence Science and Technology (DST); industry partners, EOS Space Systems, EM Solutions and Lyrebird Antenna Research; and academic partners, the Australian National University and University of South Australia, to develop and submit a proposal for Project CHORUS. It was reviewed by the CRC, along with various other submittals, and selected for funding. The aim of stage 1 of the project is to assess viability for what will potentially lead to a higher security communications capability, with high data transfer rates.

Shoal brings our extensive experience in Systems Engineering to the team, in particular, model-based systems engineering design support services, developed across many projects including SEA-1000 Future Submarine, Small Satellites and SEA-5000 Future Frigate programs. Through our robust systems engineering approach, we will effectively bring together subject matter experts and ideas from distinct technologies, allowing the research team to quickly identify and prioritise research areas and configurations for feasibility and viability studies. We will also use digital engineering to enable rapid design analysis through modeling and simulation. As the project partners span multiple states and territories, our efforts will help drive cohesion and ensure the interfaces of the design and project teams are efficiently and effectively managed.

SmartSat CRC is looking to develop leap-frogging capabilities in space, focused within three program areas around advanced telecommunications and IoT connectivity, intelligent satellite systems and Earth observation next generation data services. Project CHORUS is a year-long research initiative among the partners, partially funded by the SmartSat CRC and partially supported by member contributions.

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