SmartSat CRC workshop

Digital engineering

On Monday 17 August, Shena Howell presented at the SmartSat CRC Workshop. Shena is Shoal’s Program Lead – Space Systems Engineering. Her presentation was called ‘Next generation digital engineering for space systems’, looking at the ability of ‘digital engineering’ to manage complex, interrelated systems and enable rapid design iterations.

As the application of digital engineering grows across defence, transport, government and industry, Shoal is taking a leadership role in exploring and advising how it can be used to solve problems, understand the impact of as-built deviations to the intended design and, ultimately, predict future outcomes of a system in operation.  Shena explored this potential, introduced the concepts of ‘digital twins’ and ‘digital threads’, and discussed how digital engineering applies to Australia’s growing space sector.

If you are interested to hear more about her presentation or understand ways in which digital engineering may apply to understanding your business process, product development or capability design, please get in touch.