Aerospace Concepts paper presented at SETE/APCOSE 2012


Today Dr David Harvey, Aerospace Concepts’ Model Based Systems Engineering Progam Lead, presented the paper Document the Model, Don’t Model the Document at the combined Systems Engineering and Test and Evaluation / 6th Asia Pacific Conference on Systems Engineering (SETE / APCOSE 2012) conference at the Convention and Exhibition Centre in Brisbane.

This paper was co-authored by Michael Waite, Paul Logan and Tommie Liddy. It highlights the difference between a model-based and a truly model-centric approach to systems engineering. The authors further propose that a model-based, model-centric approach provides a range of benefits; the systems engineering effort can go towards defining the system, gaining rigour, traceability and consistency, and that views of this information can be produced, often as documents, allowing clear communication with a range of stakeholders.

Dr Harvey also presented on this topic in a recent webinar (seminar delivered over the internet) which can be found on youtube.