QxBranch demonstrates financial applications for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Shoal is delighted to promote the latest news from QxBranch, a successful spin-off company from Shoal resulting from many years of work in advancing modelling and simulation technology and systems engineering practice.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull visited QxBranch during his official visit to Washington DC to meet with President Obama on 19 January 2016. Mr. Turnbull was provided with a provided with a demonstration of quantum computing applications being built by QxBranch for clients in the financial sector, by QxBranch CEO Michael Brett.

Present were QxBranch CEO, Michael Brett, Chair, Carissa Christensen, Executive Director, Dr Ray Johnson, Director of Analytics, Dr John Kelly, and Non-Executive Director, Shaun Wilson.

To read the full article follow the link to the QxBranch website.

Well done QxBranch Team!